Your analysis of feminist analysis is rubbish

Your analysis of feminist analysis is rubbish

Something that really bugs me when it comes to social commentary, is how every Tom, dick and Harry wants to offer ‘critique’ of feminist analysis.
Like as if breathing air was the only qualification needed to understand feminist theories.

Feminist analysis is not just an idea that one woman came up with one day. It’s a school of thought that has singlehandedly changed the pillars of modern science, medicines, law, and politics, for the better. It is the only analysis that accounts for 100% of people, rather than erasing or sidestepping women’s history of disadvantage. Feminist analysis is an epistemological orientation, just as useful as the positivism taught in high schools. It bothers me how much time scholars must waste responding to ‘critiques’ from morons who have no understanding of the value of a feminist epistemology, or indeed the value of women.

I wonder if you swapped the word ‘feminist’ with another theoretical perspective – phenomenology or critical theory – would there be such a rush to tear down the writers? Do people sit around blabbering ‘oh I think ethnographers are just jealous and whiney about nothing’. No, because those orientations don’t challenge your worldview as much as a feminist perspective does. People’s distaste for a feminist perspective just proves their unwillingness to see women as fully human.

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