Sexual violation as sexual liberation

Sexual violation as sexual liberation

Pornography like Playboy and its more violating partners like ‘Brazzer’ are becoming household names. Teens and adults are no longer ashamed to associate themselves with these labels.

But this is not evidence of sexual liberation and freedom, this is evidence that the degradation of women has become socially integrated. We are no longer humiliated for a woman having multiple cocks rammed down her throat, we are no longer hiding the fact that women are cutting up, burning off and bleaching their body parts, we have embraced the hatred and violation of women in its purest form, we have called it sex and we have called it liberation but in essence it is complete violation. By doing so, we have negated the right for women to reject their own degradation.

We have integrated violent subordination into our daily lives, we have confused sexual domination with sexual intimacy, we have lost the erotic to the pornographic, we no longer see violation as violence, and for all of that our sexual liberation is even more suppressed than decades gone by.

6 thoughts on “Sexual violation as sexual liberation

  1. This is very well put.

    I am past the age of caring if I’m called a prude by men, well, maybe I never really cared what men called me. So, perhaps it is more accurately stated as, I am past the age of caring that younger women see me as a prude.

    My heart breaks for them, though. I cannot image how much of themselves they have to wall off and shut down in order to cope with the onslaught of demands that others, not just men, own their sexuality and that these young women must make it freely available to everyone all the time. It feels like more than regression to me. It feels like regression plus … something. Something viciously calculated. An entrapment.

    I speak up. I know I am/was seen as the uptight out-of-touch battle axe at the office break room coffee machine or in the women’s restroom of the trendy brewpub. Occasionally, I am actually heard. The spark of comprehension flickers in their eyes, then they squash it down and make sure their cleavage is adequately displayed. I hate seeing that they waste so much of their oppressed paycheck on gendered displays for others consumption. The abandoned old age they could save for if they just wore sensible leather lace-ups, khakis and a polo shirt – like the men.

    I cry for women. For who we are but not allowed to be.

  2. Well here’s a good blog about violent sexuality and how to goes hand in hand with men’s decline-

    I think about this all the time and it definitely is unnerving. PIV accompanied with other forms of violence are now seen as acceptable and sexual. It’s not sexual really, it’s just violence that has been sexualized, to obscure the fact that it’s purely practice of male dominance and hatred of women. It’s routine subordination and assimilates women into being slaves to men.

    It really is men to their peak meaning, which is to get off by literally killing women, necrophilia and with years of patriarchal socialization this desire is finally becoming acceptable and open.

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